USB-Publisher 21 slot Copystation Industrial Grade Windows GUI

USB-Publisher 21 slot Copystation Industrial Grade Windows GUI

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The DUP USB Publisher copies and duplicates data images to up to 21 USB memory sticks simultaneously with blasting 90MB/sec. (dependig on USB stick specs.) The preinstalled system is based on Windows 7 and includes professional Altec publisher software plus two extra modules file copy and short image. Extensive user interface and administration options with security log files allow intelligent duplication vs. ordinary copiers. Supplied with English or German keyboard and operating system, mouse and DVD drive. Only available with english or german software. For operation an external Monitor is required.


USB Publisher 2100

– Ultra fast duplication of content: up to 75 MB/sec
– High volume duplication of content to USB sticks
– Choice between a standard and two optional copy methods
– Unique software option for customization of USB sticks
This CopyStation duplicates data images to up to 21 USB memory sticks simultaneously.
Preinstalled system including altec copying software under Windows XP Professional with 21 USB 2.0 slots.
Supplied with English keyboard and operating system, mouse and DVD drive.
 Copying speed
The CopyStation’s transfer rate is approx. 75 MB/sec. For example, copying of 21 USB sticks with 512 MB each takes about 2.5 minutes (the speed is dependent on the make and model of memory stick).
 Thus making the USB Stick CopyStation 21 Ultra about 50 % faster than all other products on the market we tested. These competitive products reached transfer rates of maximal 50 MB/sec in our tests.
 Compatible media
The following storage media can be used in the USB Stick CopyStation 21 Ultra:
– USB 2.0 memory sticks
– USB 1.1 memory sticks
The USB sticks must be less than 11 mm in width and less than 42 mm in heights, if all 21 USB slots are to be used. There are no restrictions concerning the lengths of the USB sticks used.
Copying methods
Three different copying methods are available for copying the data – copying of entire data images, copying of short images and the so-called file copying method.

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